Sunday, 22 May 2011

Dogs CAN be Optimists.....

The dog blog.... Check this out from the online Guardian newspaper in the UK (do a google search on ‘optimistic dogs’ to see the full story).....

Dogs are either optimists or pessimists, claim scientists. 
A study suggests that for some dogs the bowl is half full, for others it's half empty
Optimistic dogs seem less prone to anxiety when left alone.
Scientists have confirmed what many pet owners have long suspected: some dogs have a more gloomy outlook on life than others.
The unusual insight into canine psychology emerged from a study by Bristol University researchers into how dogs behave when separated from their owners.
Dogs that were generally calm when left alone were also found to have a "dog bowl half full" attitude to life, while those that barked, relieved themselves and destroyed furniture appeared to be more pessimistic, the study concluded.

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